What’s Worse Than Seeing a Little Girl Dressed Like This? (Originally Published April 2011)

Telling her that she looks like a whore.
Teaching her that dressing that way is an invitation for grown men to invade her body.
Insisting that she would not wear these things if she had “self-esteem,” that perpetually elusive quality which is supposed to elevate rare women above all other women, magically make them feel like they are hot in clothes that cover them neck to ankle, and finally make them worthy of respect.
Teaching her that there are moral and immoral ways to dress – that there is clothing her friends may be wearing that she cannot because it is sinful.
Devaluing her and her body because she wears this.
Imagining that you know something about her or her parents because she is wearing it.
Predicting future eating disorders, underachieving, unwanted pregnancies, and rapes based on her outfit.
Reducing whichever older person she is imitating by wearing these outfits (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, whoever) to her sex appeal and then shaming her for it.
Giving her the impression that her body is not her own because she has a social responsibility to project an image of chastity and youth or else she is disgusting and offensive.
Teaching her that no matter how smart, fun, or interesting she is, the only thing anyone will care about is what she’s wearing.

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One response to “What’s Worse Than Seeing a Little Girl Dressed Like This? (Originally Published April 2011)

  1. Yes, I think this does sum up the uneasy feeling I get when people talk about the sexualization of little girls.

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