Apparently Pinterest had too many women on it.

Came across this lovely article on CNN Tech today entitled Pinterest not manly enough for you?  Try these sites, bro!

Manliness, metaphorically embodied these days by facial hair, grilling meat and building domestic “man caves,” is now carving its own space online.

In other words, men want to make sure that women know that when they fuss over their appearance, cook, and decorate their little rooms, they’re totally not doing exactly the same things women are doing.  You can tell because the words are different.  Also the colors.

See? It’s gray, not red. Gray. That means different.

There’s nothing actually different about the websites, except that one accidentally attracted mostly women and the other specifically excludes them.  The men who feel threatened by sites like Pinterest because they’re full of women now have their own place to go where they can use different words to describe the same things.  Their masculinity, in this case, defined by the exclusion of anything deemed feminine, can now remain fully asserted.  But they’re not, like, insecure or anything.

What I found most amusing was how the men claimed to be eschewing the more feminine pinterest because it’s all about decorating and cooking and stuff, but then…

The founders of Manteresting, Dartitup and Gentlemint were all quick to say that they don’t emphasize photos of women in bikinis or tolerate offensive content. Their most popular image subjects range from food to technology to sports to memes to bachelor pads, they said.

Emphasis mine.  Interesting how the use of the term “bachelor pad” seems to convince the men of Manteresting, Dartitup, and Gentlemint that they’re not in fact discussing decorating.  Same with substituting “cooking” for “food.”

Brandon Harris, co-founder of Dartitup, said that when he first played around with his fiancee’s Pinterest account, he appreciated the concept.

“I loved what it did and I loved the features, but I didn’t like the content,” he said. “The content is not geared towards a guy. I am not interested in cupcakes or puppies”

Oh dear.  Nobody tell Brandon that if you switch out “puppies” with “dogs” or “cupcakes” with “junk food” he’s suddenly doing the exact same thing his wife is.



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2 responses to “Apparently Pinterest had too many women on it.

  1. Mark Rippletoad

    You mad that men get to have their own spaces, too? Women do it all the time because they’re “threatened by the presence of men”, what’s wrong with men doing the same?

  2. fancysmashing

    These men are not that good with computerz then, on pinterest you can choose categories of content and users that you follow, thus avoiding the bunnies and cupcakes and getting nice geeky stuff.

    @ Mark Rippletoad
    If you’ve browsed 9gag a bit, you could see that it’s quite full of men saying ‘bitches’ ‘make me a sandwich’ and complaining that women don’t give them the sex they owe them
    You browse pinterest, you don’t see women calling men ‘dicks’ every post, and ordering them to ‘get out the garbage’.

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